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tSmart Warranty

The warranty means that if there is a problem with the repair that we have performed, we are liable for the warranty period to inspect your device and repair it again free of charge to restore its functionality, that was the subject of the repair service.

The warranty covers those aspects of your devices that were the subject of our repair service only. For example, a replacement of a LCD display screen, we will only cover any issue related to that part of your device and the labour, not software/motherboard/battery/charging port or any other components of the phone which were not the subject of the repair service. Thus the reason we always go through a checklist to test the customer's device’s functionality both before and after each repair. ( It is the customer's responsibility after receiving it. If any new fault occurs rather than the subject of the repair service, the customer should inform us immediately. If a customer doesn't let us know within 3 days of the repair , we will only be responsible for the subject of the repair.)

The warranty is void if the malfunction has occurred by physical damage or there is any sign of physical damage to the replacement part or your actual device. For example, we cannot provide warranty services if the front glass , display penal , back glass of your device is broken, nor has deep scratches or dents, nor you say that the screen broke by itself.

Although the warranty does not cover any physical damage to the replacement part or the device that occurred after the repair. We may investigate if you report such a damage within 3 days from receiving your phone. Please get in touch in any case, we will contact the supplier, if they refuse replacing the part, we will offer you a repair at discounted price.

The owner of the phone is committed to inform us immediately once they notice any issues with the repaired device. If you notice the screen fitting issues or the back panel coming off, those should be reported and fixed by us immediately. Continue use may lead to further physical damage that voids the warranty.

We are not liable for any physical damages to the replacement parts caused by the user. For example, if the repaired ipad screen has lifted up slightly, the customer tried to push it into place or apply glue to the device,which has led to further damage to the device, it will not be covered by the warranty repair.

Refunds may only be offered if we have failed to fix your device 3 times. If any replacement parts which are needed to repair the device have become unavailable for some reason , we will refund you the cost of the repair or any deposit paid.

We are not liable for customers' travel or postage costs of delivering the device for the warranty repair. If a customer is collecting in person, we always ask the customer to check and conform all the functionalities. Then both parties confirm that the device has been repaired. As For online.

orders, customers cannot confirm the functionality before receiving it, thus, we will cover the cost of postage to get it back to us for the first 5 working days. After that, the owner needs to cover its shipping cost.

What is not covered by the warranty?

Any physical damage. We don’t cover physical damage of your phone’s screen, front / back glass. Any physical damage to the device after repair, will void the warranty.

Accidental damage from user’s mishandling. Where the device has been damaged by the user in a manner that has resulted in not functioning properly to the device, this is not covered by warranty. Items that are accidentally damaged by water or any other liquid are not covered.

Water damage repair services. This particular service stands for cleaning the motherboard from the damage of forms of fluid. We don’t guarantee functionality of water damaged phones unless we have to replace parts to get it to work.

Data recovery service. Once we agree on the data recovery, we start the process. Then we will ask the customer to confirm receiving the content you he/she has asked for. After customers confirm and receive your files, there is no warranty as we never keep a copy of customer’s files.

Software repair. After we solved issues with the software, we would ask customers to check and confirm that all problems are fixed. We will give you up to 1 week to confirm that the problem has been solved, after confirmation received, there is no warranty as further problems with the software can occur from the usage form the user.

Your postage cost (for online orders). We are not liable for your cost of postage for the device to be sent back to us, unless you have found the problem within the first 7 days of receiving it.

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